Thoughts for this “New Year” 2012


Written by: Ben Andrews

I used to think... That I was supposed to model Jesus- I thought – All I have to do is study Jesus – and then be like him... After all that’s what being a Christian is – “Christ like” Right? Aren’t we to try and muster up a gigantic inner force to “Try to live like Him”? That sounds like just more of me though?

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard – something along these lines... “ Do right! - Do right! - Do right! Until the stars fall!” or you need to have more character! or “You’re just not saved if you...” fill in the blank_________But isn’t this just more willfulness? – Sure in the right direction – but still misguided...

The harder we try the worse we feel... when we fail!
Isn’t that how it goes- unless you
just stop trying all together... and that’s where this leads if we let it play all the way out – I know – I’ve been there!

WOW! What a trap from the enemy!
Get them on the gerbil wheel – wear them out – then they’ll get so discouraged that – I’ll have them eating right out of my hands... What a great plan...
Let me ask you the
now famous question: “So how’s that working for you?”

I don’t know about you – but as for me – IT’S NOT WORKING!

So why don’t we try something else?
How about if we listen to Jesus...
I mean listen to what he said in the Bible
and also take time and listen to what he’s saying to us right now?

Maintaining personal righteousness is not our job?
What? Blasphemy! I tell you – Blasphemy! – Stay with me...

“To love Him is to obey Him” – BUT... Out of what resources?
It must come from what fountain of inner Strength?
Of course... our choices matter – But didn’t Jesus warn: “Apart from Me you can do nothing?”
John 15:5

Here’s some good news... “You were never meant to mimic Christ.
We were not meant to live as he did. Isn’t this a huge relief!
We were NOT meant to imitate Jesus!

The life of Christ is in you...
Allowing His life to become your life- (so much so) that we don’t know where His life end and ours begins. That’s it!

This isn’t about
self transformation – It’s not about a better you!
It’s about His transformation
of us - from the inside out!
New DNA – The “Mystery” remember? – Christ in us and us in Christ!

We are supposed to tap into (His life) and then allow him to live through us.
John 15 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.
NOTHING! - But we still try! WHY?
--- What a willful people we are!

We must die! – We must surrender! – We must unclench or fists - if we are to do this – If we are to allow Jesus to... live in and through us?

-So this year – Lets do it different...
-Lets think in a different way...
-Let do it His way – instead of our way...

How about we let His will be done in us – as it is in Heaven - and see how that works for us...

Maybe – Just maybe? At the end of the year – we can look back and say? –
Not that we did good... but ---
“Well-done Jesus – Well done!”

Jesus I surrender again – right now to you – I yield and ask you to live in and through me... Amen...

Ben and Mary Andrews