First Love

 By: Mary Jane Andrews

Do you miss me, when you're busy with new friends?
Do you miss me, or is this where our friendship ends?
Remember, when we did everything alike?
Remember, we talked late into the night...
(You caught my eye across the crowd,
Didn't have to speak a word out loud.
We shared tears and we shared laughs together,
Now tears, alone and laughs are never.)
When I call you, my message seems unheard.
When I do hear, it is just a casual word.
Do you miss me when things about you slow?
Do you miss me when your trouble seem to grow?
Then just call me.  I am never far away.
You can call me, any time or any day.
For  I miss you.  How I miss you.
Do you ever tell others what we had?
When you're thinking, does it ever make you sad?
(Do you sometimes wish things were the same,
When we called each other special names,
We walked along a summer road, Leaned close to hear a whispered word.)

“How I miss you.  - Do you miss me?”


Mary Jane Andrews