Shine On Me

Written By: David Mattioli

Right after I got done praying the Lord gave this to me.
Let the light shine on me Lord
A new beginning has arose

To seek after the prize of eternal life
Freely given by my lord Jesus Christ

It's a great and beautiful day -
I must say...
Let your light shine on me.



Sometimes in the midst of it all - we need to stop - look up - and thank God for the day He has made.
God has blessed us with so much.
As I read this I just imagine - standing outside on a warm summers morning - letting the sun - shine on my face. It as though God places His hands around my cheeks and warms them. Did you know God adores us?
The is such hope in this psalm of David's. Life has definitively not been easy for Dave - yet somehow he keeps praising God.
I know it inspires me not to give up or quit when things are hard.

Psalm 31:16
Make thy face to shine upon thy servant: save me for thy mercies' sake..
"To The King!"
"To The Kingdom!"