The Lonely Road

Written By: Ben Andrews

Traveling along a lonely road, I stopped for a moment to see what rustled in the trees. --- The hair on my neck now standing. -- I looked for moment and listened to the slightest sounds. - What lurks behind the tree line, what horror awaits me up ahead? - -Nothing? - just a stillness, my hair still at attention, my senses running at full tilt! -- I try to calm myself. I tell myself. "It's nothing". "Probably just a squirrel or something!" - - I continue on, down the foreboding path. Suspicion fills my mind. Thoughts of lions, tigers and bears, oh my! - Gradually the tension deteriorates and my body begins to relax. - It is only then that I feel a presence - but this time peace accompanies it. Is this the peace that passes understanding, because I sure don't understand it? - It's almost as if someone is standing right next to me and I'm not even anxious. -- The path is long -but today it seems a bit more tolerable. I begin to hear music. A melody fills my mind and cascades down into my heart. - This thing? This presence? It fills me with a song? Wow! - I walk on. - The day is somehow better now. I am resting, content and filled with peace. "I like this." I muse to myself.

I begin to pray…
Father is that you?
Did you notice I was afraid?
Did you see the hairs that you counted - all of them - standing up on the back of my neck
and come to my rescue?
"I never left you! I've been here all the while!"

What a good Father you are.
Thanks Papa God.

Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."

Sometimes in life we feel alone even in a crowded house or busy workplace.
The enemy will try and convince us that we're all by ourselves.
But we're not!
It's just lies, smoke and mirrors.
Just be still for a moment and listen.
– you'll hear Him –
He's right beside you.