Shepherd Boy


By: MAry Jane Andrews

I would have loved that shepherd boy,
In days we spent on distant trails.
We’d laugh at skipping lambs at play,
Butting. flapping undocked tails.

We’d help exhausted ewes give birth
And rub life into wobbly limbs
Or coax a grieving mother sheep
To suckle orphaned, starving twins.

We’d hear the buzzing insect wings
And crickets, when the morn would break.
We’d see the eggs when chick would hatch.
And guard them from the hawk and snake.

We’d hear the laughter from the brook,
Make whistles from a willow branch.
We’d sing with gratitude and joy
And celebrate with gleeful dance.

When storms would threaten o’re the sky,
We’d gather flocks and safely hide,
And watch the fire on the hills
Till rumbling thunder would subside.

We’d see the sparks from campfire fly
And join the canopy of lights.
We’d know the names and place of stars
That kept us consort through the night.

When darkness hid a threatening sound,
He’d play and sing till fears were gone
And gentle peace would settle down
And friendly night would turn to dawn.

When coyotes or a beast would stalk,
We’d shout and save the sheep from harm.
With strong and practiced sling and stone
He’d quell them with his strong right arm.

Though mighty lion rage and roar
And Evil send marauding bear,
I would find safety by his side,
Trusting in the shepherd’s care.

So much I’d learn from shepherd boy,
Alone, with God, he spent his nights,
Who walked in unfamiliar steps
And walked by faith and not by sight.

Oh Shepherd boy, I love you now,
Though ages separate us still
And someday we will make a song
And dance for God on grassy hill.

Mary Jane Andrews 2/10/12


Mary Jane Andrews