Shall we not with such a Great Salvation

Written By: Ben Andrews

Shall we not with such a Great Salvation - declare it unto the world? Shall we then therefore hold so dear our own satisfaction and lusts that they should not by our sharing be set free? Can we with so seared conscience cleave to that which is temporal – and thereby knowingly obscure the eternal inheritance that we have been so freely given? Are we so fallen a creation - that we can no longer see that by this deception we are worse than the one who is the master of lies? Awake oh fallen warriors – arise from your slumber – cast off the blinders that hide the truth. The deceiver has cloaked the gift that was so freely given. He has placed doubt in the hearts of man - so much so that hatred is fallen on our Beloved while Sin and Death are being lifted as “the way”. There is but one way and that way is Jesus - all other roads lead to death. Not the death of this body only - but eternal death. There is a darkness that has descended upon the earth – the Spirit of the Ages. It cries out for blood - and a sacrifice that cost everything. Do not be deceived. He would have all believe he is the light – but darkness hides in his bowls waiting to be released upon all mankind. Be not fooled – God is not mocked – what-so-ever is sown shall also be reaped.