Beth Elaine Crowe


By: Beth Elaine Crowe
Vs. 1      I hear my bones rattling
              In this dry and dusty place
              I’m a valley of silence
              With no body and no face
              My life and dreams are shattered
              All you get is what you see
              But something’s begun shaking
              And it won’t turn loose of me.
So, Noisy pile of bones
Come together and form
A framework for new life
Where dreams can be reborn
Yeah, Dreams can be reborn
Vs. 2      Things they are connecting
              If it’s one strand at a time
              I’m feeling more protection
              Form around pieces that I find
              It’s all come together
              But there’s more yet that I need
              Dreams they can’t lay still
              It’s by motion they are freed
So, now, flesh and sinew
Give these bones a chance to move
They’re calling for “do-over”
They’ve got something left to prove
Yeah, someone left to prove
Vs. 3      A breeze begins stirring
              Like breath blown across the land
              And I’m craving animation
              My chest wants to expand
              You know dreams fully formed
              Still await the perfect word
              Right there on the starting line
              Until the words are heard
So, Speak into the wind
Words are carried upon it
Stirring life again
And then I breathe them in
Yeah, let’s breathe them in
Vs. 4      I feel my body moving
              I have now become a part
              Of something bigger than me
              My reformation’s just a start
              Every step I take forward
              This beating heart takes a leap
              My identity is in motion
              Synchronized with destiny
So, do not be afraid
If dream-sands fall through your fist
For the power of Ex Nihilo
Oh, it really does it exist…
‘Out of nothing’ does exist.
 © 2011 Beth Elaine Crowe- Reform
Inspired by Ezekiel 37 while reading a description of that passage in The Abbey's membership class manual "Belong 2011" and by many "going's on" in my own life and conversations with dear friends about it...
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Beth Elaine Crowe