Bethany Tikva-Hope Teel

It is a Solemn Thing!

By: Bethany Tikva-Hope Teel

"It is a solemn thing , & no small scandal in the Kingdom, to see God's children starving while actually seated at the Father's table."
A.W. Tozer
- (Tozer is pointing out that mere words of truth are not enough, but it is the very experience of God Himself that is fulfilling. The Bible simply stokes the flame. His presence is what consumes us!)

Bethany Tikva-Hope Teel

Grief Stew Anyone?

By: Bethany Tikva-Hope Teel

I don't know many who enjoy the taste of grief stew. No matter how long it simmers & marinates in memories more salty than our wounds can bear, it never satisfies. We all have a tendency to believe that it is easier to hold onto our bitterness, our pain, & our disappointment than to fill this recipe with ingredients of hope instead. After all, isn't it better to be mad than disappointed? (So we think.) We feel justified in our own right. Sometimes life hands us things that don't seem fair, and hey, maybe they truly aren't fair. I was told recently that,
"extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people…" I like that. We're not talking simply extraordinary in the wonderful sense, but deeply grievous things that take place with who seem to be the most gracious and upstanding people.
I'll give you an example from top of mind, as I had a discussion about this lady with a colleague of mine this morning. I don't know how many of you have studied much about the Holocaust or the many stories surrounding that dreadful time, but in the 5th grade I read a book based on a true story called, "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Tin Boom. (A must read for those who love the Jewish people & want to learn true forgiveness.) The short version is that she was part of a German family that would hide Jewish families away in their home, risking their own lives, to keep them from being killed. Once the demon possessed infantry discovered what her and her family were doing? They all died a HORRIBLE death right in front of Corrie!
By the grace of God, Corrie managed a miraculous escape and lived to tell this story. Not long ago, the lead soldier responsible for ordering the death of Corrie's family came to know Lord Yeshua. At that point, he made it his mission to find Corrie (if still alive) and seek her forgiveness. Well, that man found Corrie… *tears welling up at my desk* Without hesitation, Corrie extended her forgiveness. You see, Corrie knew it was not a choice she had. She knew God. She knew what was required of her.
For the sake of her quality of relationship with God, forgiveness had to be extended. And certainly, you can see that what happened wasn't fair. In this bloody affair, Corrie would have been well within' her humane right to have her grief stew served up day after day. But her divine duty? A difficult and rewarding choice. For the sake of her faith, of her heart, and of her eternity… she didn't even pull the crock pot out the day of what must have been just as devastating. (Seeing that man must have been like seeing her family slaughtered all over again.)
And for those who choose this course as their main meal? It begins to seep through their pores & leave a stench for those who keep their company. And internally?
Internally the fruit of the spirit cannot be produced & nurtured because their arteries have been blocked with lies. Lies that feeling this way is "Okay…" Lies that "You'll never get over this…" Lies that "This will keep happening…" Lies that "There is no escaping this fear… this hopelessness…" Listen, loves. In Ecclesiastes, the Lord shows grace in telling us there is a "time" for everything. He even says that being angry is understood, but quickly follows that up with stating that sinning from that anger is not okay. ("Vengeance is mine!" says God!)
So, what DO we DO with this weight of grief? Is the stew stinking up your kitchen? Is it infecting your relationships? Were you perhaps SO mad that you buried the pain deep down inside that its now been blocked out, but never dealt with? We can't release forgiveness when we bury a matter. (This INCLUDES forgiving OURSELVES!) 
And we can't have intimacy with God when unforgiveness is leaving a Grand Canyon in the way.
Here is where I want to address another lie.
Whoever said that "Time heals all wounds" did not know God. (I feel poorly for the author of this misstatement.) Have you ever met someone who was wronged 50 years ago, but the wound was fresh as though it just occurred? I have. It's awful. On the other hand, I've met some people so full of joy & peace shortly after such a tragic event that I'm left in awe. I always think, "Geez. And I thought I had a sad story to tell! Thank You Lord for Your mercy & always providing me with perspective!" What's the difference in these people? One embraced pain… the other embraced God.
Christians have a HUGE independence complex! (I raise my hand REALLY high on this one!) We are SO busy trying to make things work ourselves, trying to fix ourselves (AND others) that we give no room to let GOD be GOD! If I could see a perfect picture of what I'd want my heart to look like? It'd have to be like the Leaning Tower… leaning heavily upon Holy Spirit. Since He already knows what God is planning & wants to accomplish, wouldn't it suit us to let Him take the lead? If God is our healer, than I'd venture to guess His kiss provides a healing balm that is 100%. Shoot!
If His SPIT can heal blind eyes, I think His kiss can heal hearts!
So friends, today
let's replace our crock pots for fruit baskets made of Divine produce. :] Amen?
With faith, hope, & love!
PS - Please feel free to write me with prayer requests. (Sometimes throwing out the crock pot takes bringing an extra voice into the Throne Room for dismantling.)

Bethany Tikva-Hope Teel

A "Better Blood" Brewin' in the BHT Cranium!

Written by: Bethany Tikva Teel

Heya peeps!

I have a couple different things to express here. If I weren't ready to crash, I'd blog out two separate notes for your reference later on. Who knows? Maybe I'll break it up later! The first thing I'd like to put on record is my drive on the way to church Sunday. Wait, no. I'll back up a bit. Allow me to share the flesh of my heart. I've really struggled a lot, especially lately, with being protective. I suppose it's something God has given us when it comes to family, but with that responsibility comes the weight of protocol. Let me explain what I mean. There is family that you are born into that involves flesh & blood born of something natural CREATED by the SUPERNATURAL. There's the cosmos, the "world", that we're called to reach. And THEN?! There's the FAMILY of CHRIST. There's... (as Holy Spirit lovingly pounded me with) a "BETTER BLOOD" we're bonded with and by and FOR!

My last name is Teel in the natural and if Yeshua had a last name? His name would take first rank. It'd be in YOUR name (if you've accepted Him as your Husband, Lord, & Savior) & it'd tie YOU to ME! No matter where you are. No matter whose nose or eyes you have! We share in something I like to call "supernatural DNA!" There are certain characteristics of Abba God that you & I share. There's also something He's given you uniquely that He will use to fulfill your call. I can't walk your walk and you can't walk mine, BUT we CAN walk TOGETHER!

Sunday morning, having a chat w/ Abba, exclaiming how I was concerned over a family member. I wasn't particularly... "fond" of a certain person that I felt was interfering with my family. Holy Spirit decided to pop in BHT's room for a sporadic spanking! (lol Hey, He disciplines those He loves. He REALLY loves me! Let me tell ya! haha!) Anyway, He said "I understand your love for your flesh & blood, but you are related to person XYZ by a BETTER BLOOD!" It was a holy & fearful moment in my room, followed by sobbing. I've decided to get up even earlier to make room for these visits! : ) He usually likes to show up after makeup has been applied. At least this was "pre makeup!"

I've been thinking about this all week. I must have a clean heart. One that sees my eternal family with such love! You know, like Christ sees me. The finished product. The warrior bride on the other side. I think God would honor a prayer like "God... may I see the finished product in my brothers & sisters, so I can love them unconditionally like you do!" It's what we're called to and even EQUIPPED to do because of Holy Spirit's help!

As I was making the drive to church, I noticed some vehicular communication going on with different drivers that wasn't too pleasant! (And really, who hasn't been guilty of being a jerk from time to time on the road? Intentional or not.) Do you give in to road rage or give road grace? I remember seeing this car barely making it over to get onto an exit and thinking "Whew! He MADE it!" You know how frustrating it is MISSING your exit?! There's no telling how long it may take to get turned back around.

Is that how we are in our walk with other believers? This ONE moment started pouring other thoughts! I laughed at myself for turning something as simple as my commute to church into a lesson of sorts! As this little white car made his exit, I thought of the times I had been guilty of SPEEDING UP so the driver that needed to get over couldn't get in front of me. Thoughts like "This punk can get behind me!" Or "He needs to get in line like everyone else! He shouldn't have WAITED 'til the LAST minute & then carelessly become a road hazard to the rest of us!" Yikes. I know! Ugly, UGLY thoughts, right?! YUCK!

Do we ever wonder if maybe that person is an "out of towner" or a "new driver"? Or maybe they've had an awful day, like the loss of a loved one or a divorce?

Do you ever see a car broken down in the shoulder and wonder "I wonder if someone came and picked them up or if they had to walk?" or "I wonder if it was hot/cold/rainy" when they broke down. Sometimes I get sad looking at the broken down cars & think "How many of us are flying by in our walks unaware of the ones that are broken down, not as "fast", or just not able to make it without a 'tow' of sorts?"

It's SO easy to get caught up in ME, ME, ME! It's pitiful. Isn't it? One of my favorite comedians, Brian Regan, refers to this as being a "ME MONSTER!" haha!

I didn't know how or if I could tie all these thoughts in, but I think I just found it. These things are ALL tied to the FAMILY of CHRIST! The "BETTER BLOOD". So what if people live like hell & barely "make it in"? So what if people don't "get it" like you do? Or if they didn't plan well enough & end up broken down. I believe God frowns more on the one with the nice car who drives by the one broken down, than the one who failed to plan & "gas up". Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying "stop and help everyone broken down!" There are some CRAZY people out there! lol You have to use good judgment. I'm more or less using this as an illustration of room for grace in the Body of Christ.

I'm ALL for using good discernment with who you invest your time with! (If you've read any of my Notes, you probably have heard it at least 100 times by now! That said, investing love into whoever comes in contact with you is part of the "supernatural dna" that Abba has given us. We don't need to "worry" (as that's a form of fear) about making sure our loved ones are going to be alright. We can trust that God loves them even more! We can know that as we pray for the people we may not like as easily as others, God can begin to pour His love into our hearts for them. He really is the "cure ALL" isn't He?
Okay. That's a wrap!
Lots and lots of mushy gushy Christian love to ya! (You know, the BEST kind of love there is!)
BHT <><

From Glory to Glory

Written By: Bethany Tikva Teel

There is a reason God said from glory to glory... and not to glory in a former glory!
What once was is now gone, but better things are to come!

Some people serve a seasonal purpose while others are called to covenant with us. It's SUPER important we allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the difference to us.
Some people come... to knock off our rough edges -
while others help keep us on the Potter's Wheel!

Solemn Prayer

Written By: Bethany Tikva Teel

Most merciful God, we confess that we have sinned against You in thought, word, & deed, by what we have done, & by what we have left undone. We haven't loved You with our whole heart; we haven't loved our neighbors as ourselves. We are truly sorry & we humbly repent. For the sake of Your Son, Jesus, have mercy on us & for...give us; that we may delight in Your will, & walk in Your ways, to the glory of Your Name. Amen.

May this solemn prayer be what's prayed on the heart and from the mouth of every believer across America & of the Body of Christ. That our God would come and heal us and our land, according to His Word.