Christina Kelty

My Hearts Reprise

Written by: Christina Kelty

He's the whisper in the wind
He's the high tide rolling in
The sunbeam on my face
He floods me with His grace

He's the song the mocking bird sings
The aroma the honey suckle brings
He's the light of the morning sunrise
He is my hearts reprise

He's the pearls that compliment a gown
The beauty of golden honey running down
He's the taste of sweet milk chocolate
No, He's more than a feast at a banquet

He is perfect love, perfection... I pause
I close my eyes... I breathe... He is my cause
Can't think... can't speak... my throat grows tight
I'm weak... numb all over...losing sight

Could this be? I've fallen for a man I can't even see
But I feel Him... His scent surrounds me.
Beautiful, amazing, bold yet soft. I've fallen free

I'm... in love... I'm... in love
I'm... in HIS love... The chamber room is right
No one but He and I to dance in the twilight.