David Mattioli


By: David Mattioli

I found life
the One and only...
-Savior of life -
truly joyful...
to be free.

This is why I sing to give praise...
to the King
who has mastered every...
-aspect of-
this life.

I will jump
and breath...
and fall...

-to get back up in Jesus-


For every move I make
-in life-
will be for Him

David Mattioli


Natural FountainL
By: David Mattioli

Bring life to this dead fountain... 
Broken and used.
Bring the water that raises the dead...
From their tombs.
Help make these waters flow...
From every porthole.
Making the waters sweet...
And clean to drink.

Oh mighty Savior Jesus...
The one who came,
Healing the waters for You...
And the rest.
Filling cup after cup...
Over flowing of anointing.
Thank You my Lord Jesus...
For the love You give.
Not sparingly and without measure.

David Mattioli


By: David Mattioli


A sweet melody plays in the distant,
So sweet and clear
An angel singing praise to the Father

I will sing a song filled thanksgiving and joy
Of being the child of the King

Hold me close Lord
I sing a song to glorify Your name
Always and forevermore
I'm a willing servant to serve my Adonai.

My God and King provider of everything
To every person large and small
Glory to His name the song goes...
Be exalted Lord... of all.
For we are living sacrifices unto thee
Singing Your songs of praise.

David Mattioli



Through the awesome name of Jesus
We have authority to say...
Darkness --- be gone.

In His awesome glory
He lights our path as the darkness falls back.
It hides in the shadows.

He illuminates my soul,
My Lord empowers me with His love.
How awesome is our God
Who made the earth and sky.

In Jesus name, darkness flees
I have victory in my Savior.

Thank You God for sending Your Son
So I may say...
That I am saved by Your love and grace.
The darkness has turned back,
And the victory is won.

We are over comers in Christ
The victory is ours in Jesus
We are on the side of Light
The darkness must turns and run!

David Mattioli


Just as the seven seas circle our world
So does our King's glory
Most Holy God - worthy of all praise.

We lift up our hands to the Savior and God
Of all that is good and true
Glory in the highest - the angels sing
Divine voices filling the heavens

I come just as I am Lord,
With only Your name on my lips
Thank you, Almighty God
For Your justice, peace, love and grace

We lift up our voices high
As they touch the sky
And wait for Your blessings
To fall like rain

David Mattioli



By: David Mattioli
You are my God and King
The everlasting
The being, who reveals His truth
Unto me.

I sing Your name - on the highest peaks

And in all hours of the Day.
Let me give You the praise
You deserve.

It is... Your face I seek
I wish to see with new eyes
Your light.
     No one is like the God I serve
Help me to know…
You are the only One!

In this world full of deception…

Let all nations and tongues
Rise to You!
The truth!

Let them worship God!
King Jesus!
The Anointed One…
Of Nazareth.

David Mattioli


By: David Mattioli


I will live through the joy of the
Forever - happy days are here again,
For our Lord is here to stay.
Let us praise Him the Holy One in the night
And in the day.
I hear His voice and it is such a blessing
To hear His majesty.

     Rejoice and sing to our Lord
People of God.
Lift those holy hands
And give your very best praise.
Holy, holy is His name
For He has made us free.

All I have and all that I am
I give unto thee oh Lord.
     So I will worship my King
In spirit and in truth,
For I live for You.

Let the joy flow from heaven above
And heal Your people below.
We will live through the joy of the Lamb
And be made whole.

David Mattioli


By: David Mattiloi

Take me deeper into Your love,
Bless me with Your kiss oh, Lord.

You anointed my head with golden oil…
From Your bottle.
I lay down my life to You,
I will surrender - what - You want me to.

I live for Your word,
So compose the music in my heart.
     Let us take the time to know one another, Lord.
I want to know Your dreams and desires for my life.

Let us continue the waltz we started so long ago.

The music is still playing…
There is still time to make things right.

     Let Your word fill my heart and soul until…
it overflows with Your love.
Let Your will be the only will for me.

Show me,
Teach me,
With whatever time we have.
So let us continue the dance in this…
Divine romance.


Written By: David Mattioli

I go through troubles
And the storms of life.
Still I will shout out and praise Your name.

No matter what this world - culture tries to do.
I depend on my Lord Jesus, my provider.

The Lord most-high - who I give my praise
Let -Your light shine on me… Always…

I wait on Your anointing to come-in -
so I may see straight
So that the darkness fades…

And I wait…
Until the dark clouds…
pass by…


Written By: David Mattioli

In the beginning God created…
both son and daughter

Through the eyes of God’s love…
Sprung forth like rushing water

Adam and Eve, husband and wife
caretakers of the Garden Paradise

The Spirit of God moved…
in the cool of the night air

Communion with His creation…
in the stillness of the spirit

In the eyes of the Lord…
celebration took place

A new creation was born…
in the Garden Paradise

My Shepherd

Written By: David Mattioli

Lord You’re my shepherd
My refuge the place I run to
for safety.

Jehovah Rohi
My Shepherd the leader of the flock
who leads in the paths
of righteousness.

I trust in You my God.

Emmanuel God with us the
One who never forsakes us,

Blessed Jesus my shepherd who loves us
and shows me the way home.
Guiding me into His fold
taking care of my needs
according to His riches and glory.

Surround Me

Written By: David Mattioli

From the four walls that surround me in my room
to the wide open sky.
Thank you for every little blessing
You have freely given most glorious God.
To the streets
of the city to the trees in the forest,
finding something new
it's glorious.
You surround me oh Lord
with your grace
keeping me in check with your wisdom.

To the lowest parts of the earth
to the vast heavens in the sky.

Your greatest miracle was

the your sacrifice to save the lost.

The rushing waters in the north to the desert in the south
my soul thirsts for you Lord.
To the heavy mountains in the east
the valleys in the west.

I'm in awe of our creation Lord,
and I praise you
for all you have done.

Thank you for surrounding me

with your Love.

Fill Me

Written By: David Mattioli

Let the music of your word fill me up

with joy O Lord.

Filling my soul to the very
brim with Your supernatural peace and love.

Fill me with new energy to keep me going.
I want to go out into the world and proclaim
your name.

I need Your instruction o Lord

a message to obey.

I long for Your word to

remember and learn from; to gaining wisdom

and understanding.

Fill me up in the morning, noon and night time
and tell me what I should do with my life.

I surrender unto You Lord Jesus
shine Your light
on this path.

Supernaturally lead me to the goal.

Give me sight to see
ears to hear
to love and serve you
in freedom.

You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.
Psalm 16:11

"To The King!"
"To The Kingdom!"

The Seed Sowed

Written By: David Mattioli

Jesus sowed the seed in me,and waited for the season
for the right season.
The season to reap,
for the seed He had - into a tree,
but what kind could it be?
Apple, orange, or even
this is quite a mystery.
The hidden will of God
is not
for me to know.
In time it will be revealed
-in my life-
-only for-
His glory
-to shine.-

Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.
John 12:24

Mourning Mourning

Written By: David Mattioli

Each one of our lives is an occasion,

and so we must rise to it.

For we are fearfully and wonderfully made

by our Creator King.

We all lose someone in this life,

but when the mourning starts

than comes the smiles

by the one who loves us so much.

He drys my tears and fills me with great joy.

One who is so strong

has touched my heart

in such a gentle way.

Giving hope, love and a reason


Reason to go on,

blessed be His name.


Shine On Me

Written By: David Mattioli

Right after I got done praying the Lord gave this to me.
Let the light shine on me Lord
A new beginning has arose

To seek after the prize of eternal life
Freely given by my lord Jesus Christ

It's a great and beautiful day -
I must say...
Let your light shine on me.



Sometimes in the midst of it all - we need to stop - look up - and thank God for the day He has made.
God has blessed us with so much.
As I read this I just imagine - standing outside on a warm summers morning - letting the sun - shine on my face. It as though God places His hands around my cheeks and warms them. Did you know God adores us?
The is such hope in this psalm of David's. Life has definitively not been easy for Dave - yet somehow he keeps praising God.
I know it inspires me not to give up or quit when things are hard.

Psalm 31:16
Make thy face to shine upon thy servant: save me for thy mercies' sake..
"To The King!"
"To The Kingdom!"

Where The Angels Hear

Written By: David Mattioli

All around those ministers of grace,
Listen and respond to Lord's Embrace,

From the highest mountain to the Lowest valley,
In the stillness where the angels hear,

Come and see.

Out Of the Cold

Written By: David Mattioli

He brought me out of the cold and placed me
in front of the fire,
To warm me up with his Love and a friendly smile,
My Lord is truly wonderful in all He does and in my life,
I will Praise His name with a thankful heart,
He has healed my spirit and made me whole,
I'm so thankful that He took me Out of the Cold.


Written By: David Mattioli

We look for a hero in the most common places,
from singers and painters, movie stars and comic book characters,
Trying to find someone to look up to in a gallery of faces.
Leaving the person in a fruitless search in a maze,

Jesus is knocking at the door of their heart,
Wanting to be their friend, brother,
father, savior someone who will
never depart.

Jesus is the superhero of the ages,
His name will be praised
now and through time and space,
He'll heal their broken heart
and deliver them from their search.

Daily Bread

Written By: David Mattioli

He helps me in my time of need,
All I need to do is believe in the Holy One,
I seek Him in the morning and the night,
All good things from the King of Light,
I give thanks with all my might,
Today I learn something new and fresh,
Great expectations in my God and His promises
to me.

Let The Earth Rejoice

Written By: David Mattioli

Let the earth rejoice The King has come, Lighting up the universe with His glory, He saved us by His blood and washed my sins.
Let the earth rejoice the King and be glad, Coming through like a flood, No man-made structure can withstand, Sin and all evil is gone in a flash, Cause my Lord Jesus has won.
Jesus Paid

Psalm 97:1 The LORD reigneth; let the earth rejoice;
let the multitude of isles be glad thereof.

This is a Psalm by one of our precious warriors, David Mattiolli. He has battled the demons of epilepsy for 25 yrs - since he was 4 yrs. old. We like to call him King David our Psalmist.
(Dave has an awesome heart like his earthly father and Heavenly Father)

Submitted By: Ben Andrews