Dorothy Hart

Kind To Wounded Hearts

Wounded Heart
He, the Messiah, is kind to wounded hearts.
He does not turn away from our naked, raw hurt.
No, he does not, ever will turn away.
He turns to us and embraces us in His carpenter's strong arms.
He will take up all our broken pieces,
and make us brand new.


The Shadow of The Cross

The shadow of the Cross
has never faded away.
The years have flown away,
still it remains.
Though man rale and riot and
deny His existence, the shadow remains.
Broken and ruined lives find life in it's shadow.
They rise whole, joyful, in awe within
the shadow of the Cross.
Though His Earth lies captive, torn and bruised
from it’s decadent, desperate plunge, still
the shadow remains....
Will remain until  the Cross no more lies in shadow
but shines forever in His Light.
~ hartsong ~
~ Dottie Hart ~

Dorothy Hart

A Word To Those Who Are Weary In Well Doing


A word to those who are weary in well doing.

See a place of great beauty,
A perfect place of great tenderness with Jesus..
A true, real peace.
Find restoration, rest, and release in the secret dwelling of the most High God.
Find purpose, a space for wounded warriors to recharge before they step
out again into the battlefield.

See them, with sighs, laying their swords in His lap…
And then lying facedown in His presence serene and safe.

Dorothy Hart

Color Your World

By: Dorothy Hart

In unrelenting sorrow and deep pain
Does your world lack color?
Is it a shade of grey?
Is all you see filtered through your shame?

Consider the blood red color of Calvary
The Son gave His life so that the vibrant color
Of Peace, and Joy and Forgiveness
Would forever color your world again.

Dorothy Hart

Fabric of Peace

By: Dorothy Hart

The divine fabric of His peace is not made of ordinary cloth.
It is shimmering and strong, like the mesh of armor, and impervious to the thrust of the enemy's sword.
It envelops you like a warm garment and protects you from harm.
Oh, the wonder of His peace.

By: Dorothy Hart

Dorothy Hart

Ashes to Radiant Beauty

Written by: Dottie Hart

Ashes, bridges all burned.
Ashes, pages all turned.

Ashes, they fill up the sky.
I just wish I could die!

But wait, who is this I see!
Jesus is walking towards me.

Everywhere, all the places I've been spurned. Everywhere that was charred and burned
Redeemed, restored, made brand new!
Who knew every step He would take
Hope sprang up and grew!

Dorothy Hart