Jonathan House

Sparkling Eyes

By: Jonathan House

Have you ever felt the ache
That sorrow in your soul
Where all your laughs are fake
And crying’s all you know
Your smile is just a veil
That covers all the scars
Your eyes are sad and pale
Like they’ve never seen the stars
You shower in your tears
Then you dry off with the pain
Your heart it frets and fears
That you’ll never be the same
I have been there too
I have felt it all
I couldn’t sleep those nights
I couldn’t walk, I crawled
But what I’ve learned from love
And what I’ve learned from wounds
And what I’ve learned from life
Is that you can’t give up too soon
Sometimes it takes forgiveness
Before you can love yourself
Sometimes it takes admittance
That you just might need some help
Sometimes you need to cry
And let someone hold you tight
Sometimes you need be alone
And sing a song or write
But God is always there
And time is on your side
The longer that you're here
The sooner you will glide
So when you’re feeling lonely
And when you’re feeling lost
And when your heart is frozen
With your soul covered in frost
Just wear a smile, a REAL one
And dance under the lunar sky
Soak in the lights of heaven
Regain your sparkling eyes
Jonathan House