Nina Boe

Beyond the Intermission

Silence Broken
By: Nina Boe

I had grown so accustomed to it—expecting it, really—
So much so, that I almost wasn’t listening.
Funny, isn’t it?
To be so used to silence that one almost can’t hear
The still, small voice: it’s time.
And finally—finally—it dawns on me…
I can move on…and it’s okay.

For the first time in so long, I raise my head, neck stiff from a constant, downward bend—
And I look toward the dawn.
The sun is still shining, even if I’m no longer focusing on just the shadows it creates.
And hope, the persistent warrior, smiles in triumph as my heart finally begins to thaw
In recognition of my old friend.

Beyond grief and graves we come to you; in love and loss, we learn to live again.
In order to transform my mourning, I have to be willing to dance.
The silence, I realize, and its hold on my heart, has been finally broken—
While like Beethoven I thought I was deafened by silence…
Yet now, the music has begun once again.

Nina Boe