Self Change

By: Ben Andrews

Why do we try to fill ourselves with more of ourselves? More good deeds, more healthy living - more Intellect, more exercise and working out - What is this thing in us that needs to be filled? Even the best of who we are is still “us”... It seems to only fill us for moments - but then we need more? Lord... I surrender my "self" and ask "You" to fill me with you - with your light and your love.

What we don't need is "self change" - but what we do need is a change in where we fill our need - Self of any kind is still death - What we need is a new source from which to fill up. - How can we fill ourselves from a well that is dry - We need to begin to be filled from the well that never runs dry - The key word here is "from"! This isn't even about us - filling ourselves up - but letting Jesus come to us – Remember… “Behold, I stand at the door and knock”? - Us, admitting that we can't do this – (or we would have done it already) - We're really not dumb people - we are just misdirected people - The enemy is deceiving us into believing it still about us. When all the while Jesus is shouting – (I have come to GIVE you Life) all you have to do is receive... And we're like... No, Jesus - I've got this. Salvation was enough! I don’t need anymore! WOW Lord, open the eyes of our hearts so we can see....

O' and about "self change" Believe me - when Jesus begins to fill us up - "Self" will change. You can count on that!

Surrender - unplugs us from self - Opening the eyes and ears of our hearts - and listening to God - That's what (Plugs us back in...) Back into the only source that has life.

Ben & Mary Andrews