Not Giving Up On Our Children

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This thought of
“Not giving up on our children” – keeps coming up – in conversations – in random encounters - even my own thoughts… So I started to listen – started to pay attention…. What is this that’s pulling on our hearts? What is it - that needs some answers?

I really believe God wants me to address the subject...

What does "not giving up on our children,” mean?

"Not giving up on our children,” could mean so many things to so many different people - depending upon our age and the stage of development of our children.

To parents of
toddlers - this could mean… Just because she can't walk after taking a few steps doesn't mean she won't walk – so we don’t give up. Why would we? After all she’s just beginning to walk! Isn’t that what toddlers do? They fall down allot and then get back up and try again. Sure… if we are good parents – we make certain that when they fall they don’t hurt themselves – but fall they will – and try again they must.

To parents of
preadolescences - it might mean… Just because his social skills are rough around the edges – it doesn’t mean he'll never get it - and we help them understand how to communicate and relate better with others – and we don’t give up.

To parents of
teens - it may mean... giving them space, building trust and increasing boundaries. So we give them more freedom. And yes… they may stray some - go too far some times – but we don’t give up on them – we just try again – we direct their paths… But isn’t that all part of growing up?

Now comes the sticky part... When do we “never give up on them” by believing-
(they can do this thing called life) - without our help - without our boundaries and even - and this may be the hardest one... without our guidance... Ouch!

Yes, they will fall some, have trouble relating with others, and even extend their boundaries farther then we would have hoped… but isn’t that part of this journey called life?

Here’s the question again…
When will we
“not give up on our children” - by believing that the same God, the same Jesus who sustains us and brings us power and life and light… can also do it for them?
Isn't this the LEAST (giving up on them thing) we could possibly do – by giving them up and into the arms of Jesus?

At some point as parents we need to trust, Our God. Trust that God has this whole thing called life under control. At some point - we have to let go and let God! As parents we have to do this - so we don't give up on (Who they were meant to be)... Then we truly aren't giving up on them. We are just giving up on… our effort and our unwillingness to entrust them to their creator, friend, counselor, guide, sustainer, provider, deliverer, lifter of their heads and their protector...

So in one respect... when we give up in this way - give them up to Jesus… are we not -
not giving up on them? Aren't we really just giving up on ourselves – our self help – our being their counselor, guide, sustainer, provider, deliverer, lifter of their heads and their protector?

If we really love them – if we really don’t want to
give up on our children – it will include – NOT giving up on God!

He will take care of them – He will take care of them – He will take care of them!

We just need to surrender them and ourselves to the one who takes care of us…

Here’s what makes this even possible for me as a parent… who deeply and dearly loves his children… I have come to deeply and dearly love Our God. I have fallen deeply and madly in love with my counselor, guide, sustainer, provider, deliverer, lifter of my head, protector, my Lord and my Savior – Jesus Christ… I have come to really know Him – I mean – Really know Him… And now that I know Him… It’s incredibly easy to let Him watch over and take care of them…

Blessings - I hope this helps…
Pastor, Ben Andrews


Ben and Mary Andrews