Marriage Made In Heaven

By: Mary Jane Andrews

  Outside the jasper walls,
Peering in at His loving family,
A glowing contrast to the ashes and waste that surrounds me.
I stand in rags and wounds.

To my amazement the beautiful young groom holds out His hand and says,
"I love you."
"Me, a rebellious leper?" "Yes, take my hand, Come to Me".

"But I can't.  I've done my own thing,
Gone my ways and now I see...
I am dying alone, destitute."
"Take My hand.  Come."

" I can't!  I'm not worthy.
My skin crawls with filth!"
"Shhh, My love, take my hand."

I tentatively reach out and touch His gentle pierced hand.
He draws me into Him and He into me.
I am His bride...

I partake with His family.
Not left behind, not second place
But always and forever... blended and united,
Joint heirs...


Mary Jane Andrews