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It is our prayer that the small seeds we have planted in your lives will be blessed by God into a great harvest someday!
It is also our prayer that
"The King's List" will be a vehicle that enables us and others to share our love of our Savior through the gift of writing and encouragement.

It is our hope that each person visiting this page will benefit from the encouragement and inspiration offered in many different formats.
Whether written word, poetry, art, music, or other forms, our mission will always be to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ, lift others to new heights and help encourage those struggling along the way.

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Please send material from the heart, material that encourages and builds up the sons and daughters of the King of King.
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BBTNC (Be Blessed and Take No Care)

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"To The King!"
"To The Kingdom!"

Remember... “Our God is on the Move!”

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